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Solvent based Adhesive for high bond performance with good chemical & temperature resistance, suitable for the lamination of Films such as PET, PP, PE as well as metalized and Aluminum foil structures and general packaging applications, i.e., biscuits, confectionery, dry solids powers, snack foods etc.:

Product Type

      •   Adcote L86*103 (40%) / Coreactant F
      •  Adcote L86-103 / Coreactant F
      •  Adcote L86x100 / Coreactant F


Solvent based Adhesive
for medium / high bond performance with high solids characteristics and high order of heat and chemical resistance, suitable for the lamination of Films such as PETP, PA, PP, PE ( including EVA types) and resistance for packaging applications like boil-in-bag, aggressive materials such as tomato concentrates, soaps and cosmetics:

Product Type

•  Adcote (TM) 545 S
•  Adcote 545-75 Ea


Water based Adhesive
for carton sealing films, tape and over-laminate applications
Product Type

          •  Robond Ps-90


Solventless Adhesive for the laminations of metalized flims and alu foils as well as printed and non-printed films like PE (including EVA types) , BOPP, PVdC and Acrylic coated films, PP, PETP , PA PVC:
Product Type

               •  Morefree 698a
               •  Morefree 706 A
               •  Morefree C 79
               •  Morefree C102
               •  Morefree C-132-1/5776pl
               •  Morefree 403 Lv
               •  Morefree C 411



Solvent based Adhesive
for different packaging structures suitable for Flexible Packaging Industries:
Product Type

• Lamination Adhesive Lx-811 Hi-Bond For 2t Oils,   Shampoo Pouches etc.
• Amination Adhesive Lx-830 General Purpose.
• Lamination Adhesive Lx-850 General Purpose.
• Adhesive Hardner Lx 75-H


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