Solvent is a substance in which the solute is dissolved and capable of dissolving another substance or any chemical that contains the element carbon. Solvents usually have a low boiling point and evaporate easily or can be removed by distillation, leaving the pure substance behind. The interactions between solvents and their solutes mediate chemical processes such as chemical extraction.

Product Type

•  2 Ethyl Hexanol
•  Acetone
•  Benzene
•  Butyl Acetate
•  Butyl Cellusolve
•  Butyl Cellusolve Acetate
•  Solvent C 9
•  Solvent C 10
•  Cyclo Hexanone
•  Di Acetone Alcohol (DAA)
•  Ethyl Acetate
•  Iso Propyl Alcohol (IPA)
•  Iso Butanol
•  Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)
•  Methanol
•  Methylene Chloride
•  Methyl Iso Butyl Ketone (MIBK)
•  Mix Xylene
•  Mostanol 120
•  Mostanol L
•  Normal Butanol (NBA)
•  Ortho Xylene
•  Toluene
•  Ethyl Cellusolve
•  Ethyl Cellusolve Acetate
•  Ethyl Carbitol
•  Butyl Carbitol


Glycols , in organic chemistry , the generic name given to the aliphatic dihydric alcohols . These compounds may be obtained by heating the alkylen iodides or bromides (e.g. ethylene dibromide) with silver acetate or with potassium acetate and alcohol , the esters so produced being then hydrolysed with caustic alkalis

Product Type

•  Di Ethylene Glycols (DEG)
•  Mono Ethylene Glycol(MEG)
•  Polymeg-400 ( Peg 400)
•  Propylene Glycols (PG)


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