We are the Consignment Agent of DIC India Limited, a World's Largest printing inks manufactures and the part of DIC Japan. DIC India's product range in inks is truly wide. They are the manufactures of inks of diverse kinds including News Inks, Offset Inks, Liquid Inks, Screen Inks and Print Finish Inks. These cover virtually all printing processes in use in the country today.

The real strength of our impressive product range lies in the consistently high quality of DIC inks. The focus on quality ensures uniformly high reliability of the Company's products and services. The reliability extends to ensuring both consistent quality as well as, importantly, timely delivery.

We offer inks for all types of printing processes and methods. Our inks both offset and liquid, are enabled for use in new-generation, upgraded printing machines.

Product Type
  • Ultralam – Reverse printing ink for polyester
  • Smart Inks – Reverse Inks for BOPP/PET PU-Based
  • Britefex Inks – Surface printing for Poly.
  • AL/GR Inks – For Paper & Foils.
  • Modflex Inks – Surface printing for Milk & Deshi Ghee & Vanaspati.
  • Polytone Inks – Hi-Density, half-tone inks for Label Printings

Ampacet Ltd., Thailand-

Specialty Colour and additive Master Batches for Blown Films / BOPP / Extrusion Coatings.
From sensual satins and gleaming pearlescents to shimmering metallics and velvety pastels, Ampacet works with a broad palette of pigments to provide the most aesthetically unique range of “custom” colors and special effects including:

•  Pearlescents Metallic.
•  Phosphorescents.
•  Fluorescents.
•  Scented.
•  Laser marking.
•  Granite & marble effects


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